I’m Ea Ehn

I am a former world class athlete, cancer warrior and wellbeing advocate.

I’m Ea Ehn

I am a…

The willingness to accept the truth of myself – changed the course of my life. To know the truth of survival and like myself for that. 

I always knew I wanted to live a creative life -passioned and find my soulmate. I believe in these things. I’m a person who loves to wake up early to see the sunrise, have family dinners, and hear thoughts on love.

I do enjoy to create things and make things, but I can’t make beauty into matter: shoot an image, handcraft earrings, or make a dress. I’ve boundless admiration for the creative geniuses who can do these things. I’m responding to other people’s talents, I love to share it, talk about and always loving to support individuals and collectives.

I was fourteen, when my mom hit the breaking point with the world. She had left me pile of books. Little did I know the merits the books would carry, and her being my mom. We had travelled a lot since I was born that shaped peripatetic lifestyle.

She was a great entrepreneur and very philosophical that thought me many valuable things, but her work as holistic doctrine and spiritual guidance in human energy field opened doors that screens and news are not really talking. It always stayed with me, best things are free.

I could say growing up in family of entrepreneurs made me a confident child to “Just Do It”, so I crafted the my first business plan, at the age of fourteen. A detailed and very very long-term plan, up to retirement. Well, not exactly what a man in suit understood. 

His well suit was dry cleaned, but it didn’t win the buddha I had met at the Bangkok airport. The smile, innate happiness and boundless love –the best outfit one can wear, I think. And when I thought about my life, money and future, I went for the old entrepreneurial saying, “Follow your heart”, who wouldn’t choose love?  So I did that very thing called open-heart and invested my all savings 350e and stayed in school.

Ok- How Am I going to sum all? 

At the age of 17, I was given approximately nine months left to live. I was diagnosed with aggressive form of adenoma carcinoma. There was no treatment. The doctors couldn’t understand how the cancer was developing and recommended removing the cancerous organs. 

At the same time the diagnose was given, I was recruited to skate for team USA. Two days before I moved to New York, I had my last surgery in 2013. It was successful, but with uncertainty whether the all cancer cells where removed, and when would the cancer come back. I said no for organ removal, and anything chemical. And I left for New York harboring the dire prognosis as my own weighty secret.

Cancer wasn’t only eating me alive, I was losing muscle mass, the connection between my nerves and muscles got weaker. I was committed to research the best help and talk with expert in their own fields. 

It never ended to be about medicine or anything extraordinary. I did many things opposite. I didn’t have time to try new medications or follow trendy diets. I throw the pills down the toilet, and followed my interest in fashion, wellness and creative industry. Looking back at living in New York was saviour in very-many ways. 

‘I really think going out there see things, screenings, theatre, exhibition and meet people. It’s a great medicine, things we sense’.

I flew back to Helsinki where I had the first-year cancer check-up surgery, my heart failed. No cancer cells were found, but the whole experience was spiritually transformative.

I needed to understand, my purpose being alive.

My father’s influence and our different perspective to eastern medicine, spirituality and eastern philosophies, is my work’s greatest gift. I love my dad for this, cause his being filled me with energy of personal ambition, sense of responsibility, of my own strengths and weakness in western medicine, along the fear and secrets I wasn’t ready to face.

So I moved to London for medical school and started to navigate the industries on my own way to. I took courses in pharmaceutics, epigenetic, nutrition, ethics, and in variety of laboratory research projects. Sometimes sneaking into classes, as free-rider.

I had gotten into car accident right before medical school. No matter how hard I had tried to runaway from it, my mind kept talking. After two years in talk therapy, I was introduced to Princess Diana’s therapist. The gratitude of her work and understanding, I need this, her training, and she trained me.

At my five years cancer free appointment in the summer of 2018, my doctor said my hormonal health was stronger than the average woman in our western world. It took me a while to believe that I could now become pregnant.

The willingness to accept the truth of myself – changed the course of my life. To speak truth of my survival and like myself for that.

I had no intention to became spiritual conduit and guidance in health, business, and global events. But the things I resisted became the very things I desired.

Today I like my job, I kind of adore my clients and the passions they are pursuing -and sometimes I well up when I see the things they do.

Here I am. And I can’t imagine doing anything else. 

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