Custom Collection


Readings are singular session to receive insights into your energetic and genetic make up. While I have worked with finance and investors, I work mostly with creatives, entrepreneurs, designers and visionaries; to connect their art form, product or service with energy of creativity, financial, self-protection and legacy.

  • Astrology is complex. It’s always been part of life in many areas as energetics of our physical existence. Our DNA is as unique as your birth chart, cause our genomes are build-up through planetary push-pulls (little metaphysics). Throughout our whole life this planetary push-pull continues to shape our genetic make-up, while  keeping us in our soul’s journey. There is times when we can work through our genome, so that’s where I use astrology and your chart for you to see it.

  • As spiritual the collections can feel, they are not a religion or carry no dogma, no doctor or doctrine. The collections works are calendars, which  should stand on its own, and the collections are just one path to creative and spirtually lived life.

  • Before each reading I ask permission to look at your energetic systems, and genetic make-up fields. If you don’t know your birth date or time, I have ability to channel your energetics and genetics as well.

    I often use astrological chart to provide you something simple to look at your own. Make sure you have your date and time given before (if possible). If your don’t know exact time, I have ability to channel birth times as well, no worries!

My style being signature can be described as combination of life experiences; growing up with clairvoyant and energetic-healer, eight years as student and researcher in medicine, and my personal intuitive gifts of planetary pulls. Simply, I read energetics of human genome and channel information of future planetary cycles and events.

Some people call me ‘Internal FBI’, ‘ESP in business’, ‘and friends calling me: “EA!! Are the starts aligned? What’s going on, can you read for me?” and… 

that’s how it then started. A book, calendar, and guidance to inner wisdom of your own.

The more sync you are with your own genetic & energetic make-up, the more connected you are in this world’.


  • After I’ve received your request, I send you calendar invitation to schedule your first appointment, and link to purchase the custom collection (if not bought before hand). I prefer to open your energetic-genetic make-up prior our meeting, and for this I ask permission to consult your birth chart (date+time). **This is not mandatory, but recommend start of the process.

  • After you’ve chosen appointment time, we’ll be meeting at Zoom. (until further notified c-19). Prior our initiative call I’ll craft the custom collection, that you have interest in, and no worries if you are not sure what collection is right fit for you, I always craft a year long timeline anyway: to be aware of synchronicities, and to secure your custom collection is timed to your individual energetic and genetic make-up.

    During the 1.5h, I walk you through the energetics of the upcoming months, and how your individual energetic make-up is being shifted, and how to best use the “openings” that outer world is giving you.

  • After the first appointment I curated you custom collection and make  additional changes in your request. The process normally takes up to 5 working days from first meeting. Once your order has been manufactured, and packed, you receive a notification with shipping and tracking number. All custom orders are manufactured in Finland with our trusted partner and shipped via DHL express.

  • When you’ve received your custom collection, you have ability to schedule additional appointments. Often 2-3 appointments are taken and spaced 2-4 weeks, if you can’t make that timeline, don’t worry – we work around your schedule (particularly for those living abroad and travelling regularly).

Know the personal patterns, life cycles and contemplate the energetic events of world with me — by very interesting ways.