About Collections

Step by step conduits to universals patterns, chapters and cycles in health and business, and global events. Each signature collection comes with artisan book and LIVE support. The spiritually conducted collections attract memory collectors, lovers of the spiritual living, and those who are looking to take business and life beyond what’s yet talked, and maybe living head of our time.

Choosing The Best collection For You

Creating time pieces that are more exciting than before. Each collecting is aligned by equilibrium of nature’s times and what’s lies ahead. Our collections are timeless, yet timely crafted being investments at the right time of ones’ life.

We offer two seasonal collections and three holiday collections, which each serving their own meaning and purpose. Each collection coming with a book and snow-white hand-crafted box. Both  are manufactured and shipped from Finland with care.

The paper used in our books and packaging has been inspired by genuine quality and intended to be kept for many future generations. Both paper and book materials are EU Ecolabel, FSC® – The mark of responsible forestry and PEFC™ PEFC/05-33-99 certified.

Personalised Designed Collection?



  • Each collection is created, produced and manufactured with limited amount. We offer and thus work with hand-craft artist and experts to offer fine and genially quality service. If we have sold out, join our mailing list to receive pre-sale invitation.

  • There is nothing comparable to have book in your handbag or carry on, which takes you to deeper meaning of your own patterns, cycles and universe. Leaving you serene no matter what goes around in the world.

  • That’s what we are here for! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and raise any concerns. A lot of our clients arrive at their appointments unsure of what is coming or they want. 

  • From your account dashboard you can view your recent orders, downloads, manage your shipping and billing addresses, and edit your password and account details.

  • For business and group orders, please sent email directly to 
Ea will be contacting you personally, and help you with customized orders and questions.

  • By bookmaking we become aware of our purpose and create windows between innersole and outer world. Our collections are carefully crafted and detailed into physical books, and are not offered in digital forms — When we become more conciseness, we start to notice when we taking spiritual by passes.

  • Our Collections are not a religion. It has no dogma, no doctor or doctrine. It doesn’t claim to be for everybody. The collections can and should stand on its own. It is only purpose is to provide deeper meaning to one’s life. There is only on truth, spoken in different ways, and the collections are just one path.

  • Sometime I hear people talk about spirituality and never get around to the word god or soul’s purpose. So when terms, God, Gd, Spirituality are use, I think there is any grandiosity on truth or anything like that. So, there is nothing my terms that I think are more correct than any other term. They are statements of universal spiritual themes.

    If one is Buddhist, one does’t serve someone talking about it and water those concept. So other people can translate for themselves and that’s how I feel here by using these terms in collections within the coherence system, they will be more easily understandable.