Eating UVA Protection & Tanning Glow

Eating UVA Protection & Tanning Glow

Eating UVA Protection & Tanning Glow 1400 1120 Ea Ehn

This is how I have been travelling and living for couple of years already. I love a nice little summer tan on my skin, but I am personally really protective as it is the first anti ageing factor during my 20s. I use sun screen, but it has been struggle for me to find a sun screen without chemicals that are found in many cancerous tumours.

As I am everything is possible and eternal believer of everything… and this ain’t just a dream cause this work. I am shy with my content as I feel huge responsibility to write about things, but this is backed with science and tried and shared among with people.

The science has taught me about skin colour, tanning process and foods containing melatonin. I will share with you what I eat to protect my skin from UVA light and how to tan more naturally.
There are certain foods that will stimulate skin’s melatonin cells to enhance tanning process and protect cells from UVA-light damage. (melatonin cells are responsible for the change of  skin colour under the sun) This is also a perfect text to learn more about skin’s health overall.

If you don’t know much about me or about my lifestyle, it “Living as natural, clean and as healthy together with mind and body connection that I feel good”. 

I don’t believe in diets, quick overnight solutions, we all are same or having to struggle to live in certain way. You should be loving your life as you love your body, living a life, which makes you laugh, feel loved and enjoy of the one life that you’ve given.

What is my lifestyle before summer comes and before a tropical vocation?
Month before I will start eating more foods that contain beta-carotene. My all-time favorite… that I could eat every day, I swear, is carrot. Eating carrots once a day is not a problem for me. If I have them in my fridge I automatically eat few of them when I open my fridge. Carrot is also very easy to combine with other meals like soups, salads or juices.

How to make sure to eat beta-carotene during summer and in tropical places?
At tropical place: Breakfast is the easiest way for me to eat all the healthy nutrient and mineral rich foods. Another benefit is that I don’t even need to think about later on during… I can just order or eat what I am in the mood to eat.
Hotel breakfast: Two cups of fruits that has A- and C-vitamins, cup of carrots and cup of daily skin foods (cucumber, tomato, lettuce all in one cup). Those who love croissants and omelets like I do at breakfast buffets; there is enough room for them and even for chocolate pancakes and bacon…
Other ways: Buy baby carrots, sweet potato chips, turnip chips, order sweet potatoes fries instead of normal, have spinach as side dish or side salad as an extra.

Beta-carotene rich foods:
Maybe be you are not a fan of bunny foods… No worries there are many other foods that are rich and even little bit richer in beta-carotene.
·sweet potatoes (fries, pasta)
·kale (in salads, smoothie, chips)
·butternut squash

Why to eat beta-carotene rich foods to stimulate tanning process and protect the skin from UVA-light damage
Beta-carotene is a pigment, but it has variety of other skin benefits. Beta-carotene benefits are enormous; detoxify skin (help with acne), reduce skin dryness, help with scars, smoothen skin, prevent ageing, prevent stress that is created during the exercise, enhance eye vision, help with eczema,psoriasis… As you see, there so many other benefits than protecting skin from UVA-light or just having a nice tan!
Combining beta carotene with C- and E-vitamins offers a significant protection against ultraviolet radiation. (For example, carrot, orange, nuts and avocado). C- and E-vitamins do not offer this protection on their own. It is important to remember always the fact that antioxidants work more effectively as a team, combination;)

Other important health benefits are protection towards different types of cancers (extremely high protection), prevent and enhance memory loss, help with respiration disorders and strengthens the immune system.

ps. for all my hair lovers. What I loved to hear five years ago from my nutritionist; it’s okay to eat carrots everyday. They are a powerful skin food, but also eating beta-carotene rich foods will increase hair growth AND THICKENS the hair texture. Key is to remember the co-operation between A-vitamin and beta-carotene.