Shavuot Blintzes

Shavuot Blintzes

Shavuot Blintzes 1400 934 Ea Ehn

Beloved Shavuot Blintzes, are inspired by my Finnish grandfather. I’m not a big sweetie person, but Shavuot Blintzes is one of the sweets that belongs to yearly traditions. This recipe works well in both big and small pancakes. Personally, I always go for the mini-size. Fun for adults and for children too.

2 eggs farm eggs
2 cups farm milk
2 cup wheat flour
1/4 cup organic butter
2 teaspoon cardamon
Half a teaspoon of Sea Salt

Health add: (which divides people) is adding two dates into mixture, also nice add of sweetness! Not so Finnish,  but a way to add some ovarian function and fertile health onto this recipe.

  1. Mix everything with a whisk until smooth. Leave the ready batter to sit at least 30 minutes before frying the pancakes. This makes all the difference in shape and flavour.
  2. Heat the pan. If you are cooking on outside pan, go for maximum heat and adjust the heat after the first pancakeMelt a teaspoon of butter on the hot pan and pour some batter after the butter has melted. Wait a while until the bottom of the pancake is gold-ish brown and flip.
  3. Decorate, create and enjoy.