Why & How to Lead a Detox Lifestyle?

Why & How to Lead a Detox Lifestyle?

Why & How to Lead a Detox Lifestyle? 1400 952 Ea Ehn

I am going to start simply explaining the saying “you are what you eat”. Yes, my love. The human body is a machine that normally works in the way of what goes in, should come out. Unfortunately, sometimes, this is not the case, especially in the world that we are living now. You now may be asking how to lead a detox lifestyle and how to simply incorporate it in your daily life. Continue reading and you discover exactly why it is so important.

Our bodies can’t detox everything that it is facing throughout the day. Our primary detox organs such as liver, kidneys, skin, intestines and lungs are overloaded if we don’t make changes to our daily life. The best thing that you can do for your one and only body is to ease a load of toxins that it deals during daily basis. We are not able to avoid all the toxins around us, which is okay. Our bodies are designed to help us with the overall detox process, but as the world has changed: we need to change our lifestyles too.

Most of the toxins, chemicals and harmful substances come from the foods we eat. This is not the case for all of you, but for most of the humans on our planet, it is. As a second comes water and then comes the environment and cosmetics. Because the food is the main source of entrance of toxins and chemicals the gut health matters.

Why gut matters so much in detox?

A healthy gut has as many immune cells as your whole body. It is not obvious to have the immune cells there during your entire life if you eat foods that kill them and their living environment. You want to have a pleasant environment to live in, so does your immune cells and microbes in your gut.

When your gut is not able to work with its full capacity: other organs will be overloaded and stressed. It will then lead to different diseases and illnesses in the long term. A to B, B to C, C to D, and so on.

Here is the difference between healthy and unhealthy digestive system:

Healthy digestive system

  • Able to keep harmful microbes and toxins from entering the bloodstream and reaching other parts of the body
  • Digest nutrients

Unhealthy digestive system

  • The gut has holes that can be caused by toxins, canned food, an overdose of sugar, antibiotics, stress, alcohol, gluten, infections

I MEAN THESE IRRITATIONS CAN ACTUALLY CAUSE AN HOLE IN YOUR GUT. Maybe you have heard of “leaky gut”. This is an easy way for toxins and harmful substances enter the other parts of the body. It is like a series of events that, in the long term, leads to illnesses and diseases.

Now that you have a bigger picture. I will share your unavoidable route to glow, which is clean eating and living. That is how to lead a detox lifestyle in the simplest way.

How to Detox Consciously:

  • Maintain a healthy weight because the fat around inner organs will slow down the detox process. The extra fat around the organs will keep them stressed continuously, which don’t allow the normal rest and repair processes.
  • Eat clean. (I will write in a few weeks more deeply; what happens to the processed foods within your body. What does the processed food hormones and antibiotics do, teach and confuse the body.)
  • Live clean. You may not know, but laundry detergents, mattresses, and so many other things have toxins that our bodies are in contact daily.
  • Allow your digestive system to recover and repair overnight. The recommended time is approximately 10-14 hours. The time varies from person to person depending on a load of toxins inside of the body and how healthy the body is.