Plant-based Recipes from the 19th Century

Plant-based Recipes from the 19th Century

Plant-based Recipes from the 19th Century 1400 934 Ea Ehn

How many traditional plant-based protein dishes you know from your own culture? From across the Atlantic? Today I’ll introduce you to plant-based recipes from the 19th century – and the majority of these you might already know.

There are more than I have listed below, but I want to show you how a plant-based diet doesn’t need to be so complicated and include weird sounding foods like “quinoa”.

A plant-based lifestyle is not a new trend, it is a descent from our ancestors’ era. They created each dish without counting calories, carbs, fats or proteins. It was all about the gut feeling and how much energy they got afterwards. They pretty much lived by the gut feeling and trusted their intuition.

Yes, my loves, we can get enough protein from the plant-based diet. We have had many plant-based protein dishes over hundreds of years during the days when meat wasn’t an option.

What you should know about plants
Every plant needs protein to grow and reach the sun. They have a body as we have. We have bones and muscles to stand tall. Plants have their own body aka stalk. For plants to maintain their own body structure and to keep growing taller, they need to get their protein from the soil. The soil supplies the proteins and minerals, but the sun gives the energy (carbs).
The same strategy applies to chicken and fish. They eat plants to maintain their muscles, or “meat”, what humans would call it. Or at least animals used to get their diet from plants, but now many animals are fed with growth hormones, for example, and even more disgusting stuff. However, there are really amazing farmers still who respect their animals and their living. More about all this later on, on my website. 😉


Italian; Mushroom risotto.
Italian; Pasta Pomodoro e basilica
French; Ratatouille
Spain; Gazpacho
Spain; Omelette papata
Finland; Lingonberry porridge
Finland; Cabbage leaves or cabbage casserole
Finland; Sultsina (pic of sultsina)

Mexican; Tacos. Combination of black beans and corn tortilla.
USA (southern dish); Cajun red beans and rice.
Costa Rica; “Gallo pinto”, Rice and beans.

India; Dal. Lentils and rice.
India; Chana masala. Chickpeas and rice.
China; Dumplings.
Africa; Curried chickpeas stuffed sweet peas.

And so on… A lot of these plant-based recipes from the 19th century were probably familiar to you, and you are already thinking about many other plant-based dishes. Plant-based lifestyle was a big trend last year, but actually it has been a part of lifestyle for years.