The Power of Water – The Simplest Recipe in the World; H2o

The Power of Water – The Simplest Recipe in the World; H2o

The Power of Water – The Simplest Recipe in the World; H2o 1000 667 Ea Ehn

Water, or at least it is the simplest recipe I know; two hydrogens with one oxygen molecule combined together. More than half of your body weight is made of this recipe. Two-thirds of that water is within your cells, and the rest of it is found in your blood vessels. You need perfectly purified water to survive, carry out many many cellular processes and to build many many things. So for a human to even survive, this recipe needs to be perfectly “made”. This is the power of water.

Water should be the number one priority to have before food. We do need food to stay alive, but the most essential is water. Without food, you survive a month, and without water, you survive only a week. Water doesn’t need food to carry out its job, but food needs water to be metabolised.

Sleep and dehydration

Zzz… During sleep, a human loses a lot of water by just breathing out. After your beauty sleep, your body needs to be replenished and rehydrated. Water will then fill up your cells and make them alive again, kick-start your digestive tract and get rid of “Sahara” state that your body has created during the night.

Water bottles in the grocery stores

If you buy a bottle of water occasionally, you don’t need to be so careful which water you buy. In case the source of the water for you is the supermarket, it is essential to check the labels. For some of you, this sounds crazy not to drink straight from the sink, but the sad truth is; only 1% of the water in the world will end up in your glass or will even be drinkable. There are too many places in the world where having a glass of water from the sink is not an option. I cannot leave out the fact that the one per cent of people is getting smaller and smaller… And this simplest recipe is becoming a massive business around the world. Like it already has. The power of water, again. Such a simple thing which creates a huge business.

The mineral and salt concentrations differ within the water bottles. Try to aim for the lowest sodium level bottle. For those who are lactose intolerants look for the sulfates and try to avoid them.

My Climate Change experience in a shower

When I was living a couple of months in the Caribbean, I fell in love with the turquoise and clear blue ocean that surrounded me. As we know; only 1% of the water on the planet is drinkable without purification or adding minerals etc. So the places you travel and the turquoise and clear blue water you see won’t probably end up into your glass.

During the two months in the Caribbean, I bought all my water from the supermarket. I ended up almost buying water to wash my hair too. I needed to count the amount of water I drank each day so that I would have enough for the next day and the rest of my week. The fact is that there are millions who think about water every day to survive.

After a month, I started noticing that my hair started falling off.  Although I was warned before that it will happen because the water in the shower has high concentrations of calcium. It was the moment I felt the impact of climate change. In Finland, we are lucky because the water is almost like fresh air, but even when I was living in New York; I never experienced climate change on my skin. For the lucky 1 %, be grateful for the chance that you are still able to taste clear water, because many people will never have an opportunity to taste, feel or swim in pure water. This is the power of water indeed.