Water And Spiritual Dust

Water And Spiritual Dust

Water And Spiritual Dust 2560 2048 Ea Ehn

Water is everywhere. Evoking its purity and appealing to our senses. I have noticed the affect of water which can go beyond our awareness when it comes to healing, reading cues our body sends in both physical and emotional aspect. We are 80% of water, the earth is 75%, and when we think about the bodies and illnesses we see the parts where water is drawn to, but why?

our indigenous people have honoured water, seen as sacred and life sustaining element -the sacred that connect all life.

Hindus: all water is sacred, like bathing in the river washes sins.

Buddhist: a symbol of purity, clarity, and calmness. How calm out environments are both physical body and physical world our life is lived through, maybe that’s why our bodies are 70 of water, earth 75%…?hmm

Taoism: water is used as a metaphor for our path in life. It goes in and out, up and down stream, it’s always moving.Or at least it should be moving to be in balance. Dr.Masaru Emoto, a Japanse water researcher, believes that water has emotional, reactive properties, depending on what it is exposed to. For example after being exposed to classical music, it developed ice crystals, with metal more jaaged one. The deeper we dive, water is everything.

Women’s Life
Water is seen as emotional, sexual and creative symbol. It’s just a cleanse but a prepare for the upcoming creative energy, we carry into next cycle. Emotional health, the monthly emotions, could they be manifested into our bodies and cleanse through a water ritual? Whatever we, you, I, here now decide to call the monthly time, when we release old energies out.

Nurture our own cups, before starting to next cycle. The water immersion marks the end of cycle and energetically water removes the old cells our emotional history has created and re-generate space for new creativeness.A spiritual ritual? Monthly ritual? Or something old we haven’t openly talked in modern ‘busy-bee-world’; visiting spa, having massage, or finding own comfortable way to spiritually cleanse our emotions.

In my personal life depending on where I am of course, or what’s goes globally around, it can be anything! And I believe there isn’t right on wrong. When I feel close to my roots and get touch with my dna; nature and water elements (Sauna, Mikveh, or watching the gravity of an ocean) I naturally let go, in special times flowers, wine, and essential oil are part of these times as well. However, what years have thought me without doubt; the more time I give myself outside the home, summer house, spa etc., I have cultivated more expansive creative energy for the next cycle.

Water rituals at home? Water has the power to wash away physical and spiritual dust of our day and night. What’s your routine of water? Shower, Face, Drinking and Eating (water-veggies). To be intimate with water externally and internally is nourishing, so good to our body, soul and spirit. Again, those things we cannot compare or define, only sense and feel through individual experience on our own.