Aloevera 1500 1000 Ea Ehn

No phthalates. No parabens. No Fragrance, just happy skin.Activated aloe and water combination helps the skin to create its own internal water source. It keeps it twice as hydrated at the end of the day. You enjoy the beach, while your skin nourishes and restores itself.

Aloevera, The Globally used natural plant medicine. Straight from nature or bought in form of cosmetics. In my personal life aloevera has been part of my life in both fighting for cancer,  and when travelling abroad.

Time when radiation scans were a routine in my life, I made aloevera “liquids” in blender afterwards. Radiation is very ageing for our skin cells, as it is for our internal organs. It has ability not only to change our cells, but cause harm in our bone marrow (affects on our immune system).

UV-light from sun exposure isn’t as damaging, but depending on our individual body, lifestyle and the amount of sun exposure we get.

Acne, pimples, and other skin disorder contain often aloevera to not balance the bacteria infection, but to heal prevent from scarring. Extreme burns have been managed to heal fully with pure alovera. Not surprise why there are all kid of cosmetic for skin, face, and hair made from aloevera.

A long-term exposure to sunlight causes melanocytes on skin to synthesize more melanin, which protects you from UV-radiation.  (cells on skin surface which activate tanning process) The Burn happens when the cells have been under stress and aren’t able to adapt to the exposure of UV radiation.

The “light burn” -“I think I am little red on my shoulders”.

The “acute exposure” has lead to “sunburn”, but if injured cells are able to recover back to normal functions, and finally the stress is removed.

The “death of cells” the burn of skin when skin peals out.  Often shows “whitish vesiculars”. Even the cells decided to kill themselves “suicide action”, and yes called suicide in medicine; this a way your body protects you from dna mutations! 

As individuals it is important to remember that we have different amounts of melanin in our skin, no right or wrong time, way or  to protect from UV radiation or what gives you the tan glow. The colour our skin creates is individual and regulated by our early childhood and way of living (eating, sleeping and self-care). To protect cells from potentially injurious UV radiation, isn’t only sun screen. In fact, sun screen has little power when it comes to our internal health and health of our dna.

Lot’s of radiance, hydration & smoothness!