What Spiritual Lifestyle Is?

What Spiritual Lifestyle Is?

What Spiritual Lifestyle Is? 920 434 Ea Ehn

It’s nothing new, just something News are not really talking. I’ve seen people doing spiritual bypasses or not seeing the opportunities to feel better, be in joy. And it just really doesn’t work here. “The idea that we should be successful and always feel happy, sets us back, and we don’t take our healing seriously”. 

We don’t ask why we are here, what’s the purpose? But importantly only oneself can choose to live a spiritual lifestyle. 

A lifestyle only you can build ONLY by knowing your individual importance on earthly plane.

We all have been, and will be spiritual awakened many time in our lives. ‘Who am I?’, ‘Why am I here?’, ‘What’s my purpose?’. It’s what our spirit likes to keep asking. And if you have ever asked these questioned, you’ve been spiritually awakened.

To live spiritually and practise spiritually lifestyle is another question, a way of understanding you are part of something bigger. 

Your soul knows the exact answer why you are here, and answer to question ‘who am I’. We all are in our very individual paths. We don’t need to speed, compete, rush, or slow down to wait, cause the universe will take care of each… *every one of us!.

For example, ‘Fasting and running served me well, during cancer, but does not serves after my first chakra has been evolved and healed’. This is how life just is very individual, one journey and why knowing what’s best for you is so so important.

To be true to our heart and grow spiritually, we must cleanse little bit of the past continuously, it’s good for us like having a shower. We must understand our past, present and how our life is a journey not a destination. What we have gathered in our bodies over the years, ten years.Has been good and definitely served us, but may no longer serve us anymore.


To know who you are, why you are here and be that individual. And I guarantee you will be loved unconditionally by it. With responsibility and love to conduit you no matter where or when, years after. Welcome.

Love, Ea