The Base Of Hair Health

The Base Of Hair Health

The Base Of Hair Health 2560 1707 Ea Ehn

What are the hair health facts that one talks about? To talk about something else using hair oil, washing hair only twice a week or try not to straightening hair every morning. Cause in reality there are health beyond anything external I just mentioned. I’ve listed the three things I found carrying the long-term effect here below, cause…

¹ You may eat healthy, but how’s the C-vitamin intake? C-vitamin is needed to absorb other nutrients and produce collagen, which is part of making your hair stronger. C-vitamin is constantly needed from the diet, because a human body isn’t capable of storing it.

² UV inhibits the hair growth by reducing the melanin production in hair follicles. wear a hat.

³ Blood circulation. No blood circulation to nourish your hair, the hair falls out. So simple.

Do you remember Pippi Långstrump and when she made a hair mask?
Did you know that eggs have all the nutrients that are needed for healthy hair; biotin, folate, vitamin A, vitamin D and zinc. The ones who have chickens and get fresh eggs every now and then (talking about eggs from happy chickens that are running free).

Ok… one more thing. Heat.
Heat not the end of the world, it do put our hair under oxidative stress, which damages the hair, but can be prevented this with certain products. The products that are high in antioxidants (antioxidants stop the oxidative stress process). Honey is one of my favourite hair antioxidants that I do use daily to protect my hair from pollution.


A recap: C-vitamin for collagen, eggs for protein structure, honey to feed hair externally and hat to protect from UV. Lastly a nice massage or handstand.