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You have a voice inside of you. It is unforgivable to allow yourself or anyone else to shut it down. Especially when it comes to one’s destiny.

Don’t Miss A Thing

Don’t Miss A Thing

Don’t Miss A Thing

Meet Ea Ehn

The Wellness Researcher, Cancer Warrior
& Former World-Class Athlete

In 2013 I didn’t believe I would have the health and ability to give back. The boundless love and beautiful human connection between people, cities, and countries has been my constant source of strength, in the darker times of my life, and without doubt being continual source of humour and faith.

I’m always going fight for my company, and for the people that haven’t had the same opportunities, and for those who entered and stayed in my heart all along. I have a deep faith and loyalty in everything natural; in health, business and world itself. But your body, it’s your legacy, it’s your creative source, and the innate connection to your purpose which makes you so damn special. I like you. Welcome!

Thoughtful. Global. Artisinal.

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Eating UVA Protection & Tanning Glow 1400 1120 Ea Ehn

Eating UVA Protection & Tanning Glow

This is how I have been travelling and living for couple of years already. I love a nice little summer tan on…

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Plant-based Recipes from the 19th Century 1400 934 Ea Ehn

Plant-based Recipes from the 19th Century

How many traditional plant-based protein dishes you know from your own culture? From across the Atlantic? Today I’ll introduce you to plant-based…

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Skin Medicine - Aloevera
Aloevera 1500 1000 Ea Ehn


No phthalates. No parabens. No Fragrance, just happy skin.Activated aloe and water combination helps the skin to create its own internal water source.…

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The Power of Water – The Simplest Recipe in the World; H2o 1000 667 Ea Ehn

The Power of Water – The Simplest Recipe in the World; H2o

Water, or at least it is the simplest recipe I know; two hydrogens with one oxygen molecule combined together. More than half…

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Your natural physique, sensitive being and spiritual living, it’s time to connect with your authentic self through natural rhythms, seasonal patterns, and global chapters.

– regardless of your age, ethnicity or genetic background.