One’s private sanctuary, into which men have never been, and perhaps will be allowed up peek.

Meet Ea Ehn

Conduit and Creator

In 2013 I didn’t believe I would be the have the health and ability to give back for those who entered and stayed in my heart. The boundless love and beautiful human connection between people, cities, and countries has been my constant source of strength and without doubt being continual source of humour and faith.

To specialise in paediatrician or obstetrician was never a plan, not exactly how I had imagined my life unfolding. I always knew I wanted to live a creative life — passionate and find my soulmate. Do the things you co-create, family, business and sacred relationships.

Looking back at the eight years, I see that a schedule has been arranged for my own healing; becoming fertile and cancer free, along given deeper understanding of creative energy. And because the creative energy is perhaps the most beautiful thing in the world…

Every. Body. Has. Her. Energy.

The allure of creative spirit

Her itage

Exclusive Collection for Women.

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